Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to personaly import a vehicle!!!!! auctions in japan handle thousands of vehicles per day.............

By referring my "Never buy cars from Sri Lanka sales" post, now you have an idea how to choose a good vehicle by looking at an auction sheet.
There are many web sites that you can select a car and import it. is one such web site. There you can either select a car from there stock or ask from them for an auction.

1)Buy from the Stock

They buy vehicles from auctions and stock them. They list those vehicles and their relevant details in their web site. we can choose a vehicle on our demand and ask for more details from their customer support.

2)Buy from auction
We can ask them that we want to go for an auction. Then first we have to send about 100000Yen to their account. Then we can see the vehicles in Japanese auctions and select cars and give our maximum value for that car. Then they go to the auction on behalf of us and bid for the vehicles we asked. If they can't buy any vehicle within our maximum value then no worries... we can bid another day, until we buy a car from the auction our deposit is valid.

After we selected a car then we have to send them 20% of the car's value. After they receive that money they ask us to open a LC (Letter of Certificate) for the rest of money. Then they ship the vehicle.
If you buy the vehicle from an auction, then the deposit of 100000yen will be reduce from the cars value. (That mean, if you are going to surely buy a vehicle,then there is no loss either buy it from the auction or from the stock )

After ship arrives clear the vehicle through a clearing agent or by yourself. Because of the TAX changes I have no idea about the present TAX, but it'll be more closer to one to one.

Before you bid or buy from the stock, you can know the total price including shipping, insurance..etc.

FOB- price without shipping and insurance
CIF- Total price including shipping, insurance and cost

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