Friday, June 24, 2011

What is Continuously Variable Transmission !!!

Seems many people in Sri Lanka not aware of the transmission system on their vehicles. Many people only know about manual and automatic transmission. But the newest technology is "Continuously Variable Transmission". It is same as the automatic transmission from the outer look, but it is an totally different technology. It doesn't have a fix number of gear wheels (normally five) as in a manual or automatic vehicle. It only carries two wheels which can change their radius by changing pressure provided to the core of the wheel. When you drive it, you wont feel the shifting of gears. It change the radius of the earlier mentioned wheels and change the ratio. So it can generate infinite number of ratios rather than Fixed Five ratios in a normal car. So it will smoothly changed within ratios and that is why it is called Continuously Variable Transmission.

Fuel Economy

Automatic < Manual < CVT

Yes it is true!!!!!!!! This technology is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aware yourself about the transmission type of your vehicle and go for the Experienced people to change your transmission oil. Because there is a special procedure in changing CVT. Some people said that they are experts and they have machines to do it, but many of them are not aware about the correct method. Go for a mechanic who is updated with the new technology, otherwise your amazing machine will useless.

CVT oil is differ from Automatic transmission oil....
Most of Toyota new toyota models comes with CVT......

Watch following videos please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



::::::::::::::::::COMPARE CVT AND Automatic Transmission:::::::::::::::::::::::


  1. This is not really a new technology. Most of motor scooters already use this technology.

    Scooters do not have a 'gear box', but a set of a belt and two pulleys that automatically adjust their radii depending on the engine power, road resistance, brake power, etc.

    However as far as I know motor scooters are not that fuel effective. The reason behind that I think is motor scooters are not much aerodynamic (compared to a crotch rocket) in their body shape.

    Really appreciate this blog. I'm a motorcycle enthusiast and I hope you'll be positing about motorcycling stuff such as PGM-FI as well.

  2. machng 121, vios, Allion 240 wala thiyenneth CVT da ?

  3. Machan as I know.....
    corolla 121- no CVT
    vios- no CVT
    Allion- yes CVT


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